Some Customer Comments

My boys LOVE the set - it is inventive and they enjoy looking at the different bullets used to make the set. The design is really neat! – Lisa N. (NJ)

You have an extremely unique quality product! – Shirley E. (SC)

We are completely satisfied!! My son is so happy as well as my dad. Thank you for such a cool gift! – Anna F. (CO)

The chess set was a gift for my grandson who is 14 and a lover of the game. He also collects esoteric chess sets, so I was hoping he would like the set. When he opened the gift, he was both surprised and happy. I think he will love this set. The pieces seemed sturdy. – Carol E. (ID)

Very unique and enjoyable – Mary A. (FL)

The pieces were real nice and fine workmanship. Thanks! – Maryann E. (MI)

Our nephew really likes his gift and has been using it frequently instead of his original chess set. So I'd say your product is/was a hit. Thank you for an easy ordering process, speedy, on-time, delivery, and a quality product. – Tom R. (UT)

Amazing craftsmanship and a beautiful set, plus great customer service and communication! It was a gift for my husband and he loves it. We now play chess very frequently and my 10 year old son now loves to play chess as well. Definitely recommend Chessammo to all gun enthusiastic and chess affectionados. It's a great conversation piece, too! Thanks so much for an amazing and beautiful product and excellent customer service from right here in the United States of America! – Jennifer P. (OH)

The best Father's Day gift I have ever received! Thank you for making a great product. – Justin Y. (CA)

The gift was a HIT! Extremely satisfied with the set. My husband and son have played several times with it...SUCCESS! I would definitely purchase another set and definitely recommend this company to others. Thank you so very much for appealing to the chess and ammo people of the world. – Denise T. (CT)

The pieces are very interesting and flawless. My husband and son are very excited not only to play, but to play with a unique board. – Abbie S. (PA)

Great product, my son is thrilled with it! – James M. (TX)

It is beautiful, nice to see such pride taken in a product! – Maria L. (PA)

This was a gift for our 7 year old son who loves the military and police force. He had the set on his Xmas list. He found the ad in his Boy's Life magazine. It was hard to go wrong with this one. – Brett D. (IN)

We're very happy with this unusual and attractive set! – Susan K. (VA)

Extremely Satisfied – Julie P. (CT)

It is just a great product, bough for my nephew who loves guns & ammo. He thought it was great, must have shown me each piece a million times as to how cool it is. It is a showpiece in his bedroom! Perfect Christmas gift for him this year! – Ann R. (NH)

You made my little boy very happy Christmas morning! :) – Darla U. (KY)

Huge hit under the Christmas tree. My son saw the ad in Boys Life magazine and it immediately went to the top of the Christmas list. He took it to a scout meeting the other night and three fathers asked me where they could get one because their sons want them now. Really creative product! – Elizabeth S. (PA)

My son loves it. My nephew wants one. – Teresa A. (OR)

I have been very impressed with the entire process and I appreciated it when you let me know your production was running a bit late. The best endorsement of all was from the recipient (eleven year old Boy Scout and my Grandson) -“Wow this is a cool chess set”. We have enjoyed playing with it. I am also pleased with the quality of the “ammo”–good job. – Bill D. (NJ)

Make a Facebook link so people can like it! – Kim T. (TN)

EXCELLENT design, materials and workmanship! – Edward F. (GA)

Thank you All for your comments!

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